390-H (Hope is the name she calls herself) is the main protagonist of République. A Pre-Cal, she has been scheduled for "Recalibration" for reading contraband material, and seeks to escape the Metamorphosis facility.


Hope has dark brown hair, and large, gray blue eyes. During the entire game she wears a grey tracksuit as well as a collar with pink lights, which is also worn by the majority of the people living in Methamorphosis.

Personality Edit


It is unknown any past experience from Hope except that she's a Pre-cal, waiting for a Re-Calibration. Hope made a call thinking it was Frederick Cooper, but instead it ended up being The Player. From here, Mireille Prideaux arrived and took Hope away to a cell, which from here, the player helps her get out of Metamorphosis.

In gods acre its revealed that in that episode we didn't really help the real Hope but rather a clone of her. In Terminus we get back to the real hope and find out that hope herself is a clone meant for storing massive amounts of data in her DNA at her birth.Later so no one can use her she jumps off the ship where the arrival was taking place, foiling Kenichiro Treglazov's plans to rule the world through the Internet. It is unclear wether she dies after falling to the water or not. Some theories support that she was indeed saved after letting go of the phone, but the developers never confirmed what happened after the connection is lost.


Hope, a name that she calls to herself, is the mirrored version of her alias, 390-H (H-093).

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